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Your Views and Opinions Required.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Dear Just Parents,

I am a finalist student at university. As part of my final year I undertake a major project which consists of research, designing and then producing a work prototype. I am looking at designing a product which educates children how to wash their hand properly. There was an article in the telegraph at the beginning of this year called 'Parents-failing-to-teach-children-hand-washing'

Do you believe this to be a problem? What are your views and experience on this issue? How do you educate/encourage your child? How do you clean your children hands currently?
Do you personal wash your hands regularly or tell your child to clean theirs before meals..etc?

I am really keen to hear everyone views on this issue.

Thank you all for reading this article, Cheers Very happy x

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
My children know they have to wash their hands when ever they come back inside after playing or being out(i am very anal about hygene lol). My husband and i wash their hands more than often before meal times even though they are capable of doing it them self.I havent really had to educate them to a degree apart from just asking them and reminding them as i guess in a way its second nature to them. I clean my childrens hands with an anti bacterial soap wash and when needed a nail brush. We aslo use anti bacterial gell after washing. I carry wipes for thier hands in my handbag and the gell aswell for when we are out.
Most of my friends and family are the same with hand washing etc so its not an issue when we have get togethers and the chidren all know what to do before they eat. My 7 yo has had a few friends come over for play dates and they have not wanted to wash thier hands before meals or after using the bathroom, so i guess not everyone enforces it on their chidren.
I know at my sons school and the kindergarden my youngest attends they have signs and monitors that remind them to wash their hands in the bathrooms. The teachers also make the children wash up before recess and lunch which is good practise. In our home its not an issue its just something that has to be done.
Good luck with your research.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
My children know they should wash their hands but sometimes they just stick them under the running water quickly and I have to tell them to use soap and do it properly. Another issue is that sometimes they can not easily reach the taps as the sink is high so that's a concideration for you too. People are all about the hypiene these days so it is probably a good route for you to investigate.

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