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rebellious daughter..

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
i need an advice on what to do with my daughter.. everything i say she completely does the exact opposite.. not only that she has been into a lot of trouble lately.. she just turned 17.. i think its because of peer pressure.. is it normal? or is it because im a single parent and i cant give her 100% of what a normal family can give.. Suspect

im thinking of letting her enroll in a camp so that she will realize that what she is doing is wrong.. or let her join group therapy for self expression.. i dont know what to do.. all i want is whats best for her..

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
It's normal at her age..but you still have to discipline her and give time to talk about her with problems and what she wants.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
I think you must talk as much as you can. Let her know that you understand she is developing more independence as she is growing up, but that at the same time if she makes bad choices she could end up in a bad situation. Help her to see that becoming an adult isn't just about doing what you want, but about having to sometimes say no to things too. Good luck.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Dear mom
I think your daughter is going through the adolescent stage. It is a crisis stage where girls feel that they are on the top of the world and that no one can tell them anything. The teenager crisis is traumatic and often leave parents confused and frustrated. Some of the causes of such unwarranted behavior include:
• Peer pressure
• Alcohol
• Failure to provide rules and punishment when the child starts misbehaving
• Traumatic experience
• Parental separation and divorce.
In your case, I tend to think that peer influence and lack of parental guidance is the main cause of the problem. You have mentioned that you are a single mother. Well, what I think is happening is that your child does not have a fatherly figure to look upon for guidance. I think you should consider taking her for counseling or a therapy where she can learn some of those things you have mentioned. She is disobedient because she knows that you are not capable of punishing her for offenses committed. However, if you enroll her in a camp, I think she will be able to rectify.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
It is very normal for teenagers to rebel at times. But as parents we must understand that there is a reason as to why. You made it clear you are a single parent. That is not reason enough for the girl to rebel. On the other hand, even children with both parents and siblings get themselves in trouble. So you must understand that it is not your fault that she is behaving in such a manner. Moreover, you are right, the company she keeps can contribute so much in her behavior. The problem with teenagers, they think they are old enough to handle anything in their lives. They feel they are adults and that they don't need any one's guidance. Especially their parent's. On the contrary, rebelion in teenagers is at times cause by some bitterness or confusions. They could be going through something that they find hard to share with you. The aftermath of their unhandled emotions is rebelion and rudeness.The idea of enrolling them in a camp is good. But remember they will not stay their forever. They will have to come back home. Start by letting them know that what they are doing is not good. In a nice way. Show them friendship and love despite their hard-headedness. Keep talking to them until they understand your plight. You can also involve a family friend or relative in whom they easily cofine or vent to. They come handy in such times. She will change, that is an assurance. Smile

posted 6 years 6 months ago
But that always depends on what kind of problems she has. If there are no serious problems, then that is quite normal. But if the problem is the one that has a major impact on your whole life, then something really needs to be done.

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