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Nephew 8 weeks early

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
- My blog
My little nephew has just been born 8 weeks prem. So had an anxious day yesterday and a sleepless night worrying, especially as i'm pregnant too. Makes you afraid of every little niggle. A call today said that the hospital are happy with him and that everything is where it should be and all in working order. We dont have a weight for him as the hospitals scales start at 1kg and are not registering him as he is too small. SIL seems well too so keeping fingers and toes crossed for the 3 of them.

We are supposed to be travelling 100 miles tomorrow to my neices birthday party, but have decided to stay at home. We took the trip a few weeks ago and I was only able to stay for an hour as a weird tiredness took over me and I just wanted to be home. My Aunt wasn't pleased as she said she wanted to see me and tried to bribe me to go (with pressies!!) which is a tact which has never worked on me. She then tried to make me feel guilty about not going which has really got my back up. I have explained that my nephew coming early has put things in perspective and i'm putting the baby and I first. I'm not a selfish person normally, so it was difficult to say to her, but rightly or wrongly I felt quite annoyed after the conversation with her.

So today I feel a bit wrung out and emotional to say the least. I had my own GPs appt this morning too which was a bit weird. I was there to try to get access to my notes for info for my hospital notes. I was born a very poorly baby and now they are questioning whether the illness I had will have an impact on my pregnancy and delivery. (It had no impact on my first baby!) To have your life written before you and registering how ill I was is a bit scarey. The GP copied a letter for me but I personally didnt have access to the full notes, which I would really like to have. I feel I am ready for them now! Why is it GPs aren't forthcoming with this info, even though I made the appointment specifically for that? Any way just wanted to get it out of my system. x

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Congrats on the arrival of your nephew. I hope he gets stronger everyday!!
I wouldnt stress about not going to the party your health and well being comes first. As your pregnancy progresses you will find it even more uncomfortable to travel even short trips are a pain lol.

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