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Trying For Number 2

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
hi!! my name is danii and i am a mum to a beautiful little girl, she is nearly 2. now to the sad part, for the last 7or so months i have been trying for another baby and i just dont seem to be getting anywhere?? its getting me very depressed. i just wondered how people i my situation can get over the disapointment month after month??

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Hi Danii, i also went through a similar situation. My DH and i had a two year old son and were TTC baby number 2 (it took us two years)but we got there in the end. With us it was just timing i guess, as we had many tests and they all came back fine.I also used to feel down and angry at times when months would go by and nothing was happening. Having a two year old is hectic and its easy to miss that small window of oppertunity to concieve. I know its cliche but try to relax and see how things go.If you are concerned make an appointment and see your gp.
Good luck i hope you get a + soon.

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