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Breast feeding in public...

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
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Hi all

I have quite a while to go yet before I get to this stage, but it is good to know my rights (and that of my baby). I have read the info available on the internet, but still a bit confused.

If the scenario ever happens and you are asked to stop or move on, what exactly should a breast feeding mother do? For eg. A woman goes out shopping the day and stops at a cafe in a department store for lunch with a friend. As she breastfeeds her baby she is approached by a member of staff she is asked to move to the babychange area or stop. The member of staff is persistant and draws attention to the feeding. What should you say? Should you just say they are breaking the law and carry on? Can you ask them to leave you alone? Just wondering how I would react if it did happen to me as when you are put on the spot its difficult and I would rather be prepared. I think I will also print out the legislation and have it in the changing bag at all time. As I say I have a lot of time yet to find out about these things.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
They can't make you stop breast feeding, the problem is more likely to be that you would feel uncomfortable in such a situation and maybe think you have to leave to avoid confrontation. Obviously if they are willing to offer you a comfortable and clean place with a nice chair etc it may not seem as bad, but still you don't HAVE to stop and you certainly don't have to go into a dirty smelly old toilet!

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Hi there,

Breastfeeding in public is not an issue these days. I would appreciate moms who were proud enough to show off their bumps and breastfeed their babies. In fact, I get disappointed seeing moms who uses milk formulas and bottle-feed their babies.

Here are some points to ponder on:
Cow's milk for your little angel?
What's the purpose of your breast?
Antibodies - Do you care about your child's immunity?

There are a lot and more thoughts to think about between milk formulas and breast milk. However, breast feeding your child is the essence of being a mother. There is beauty in the way how a mother looks at her child as the baby latches on her breast. The beauty that no one can ever describe. It's a picture of love and wonderful blessing.

posted 7 years 6 months ago
I would politely tell them that there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. A baby is eating, what is wrong with that? You don't eat under a blanket, you don't eat in a toilet cubicle, you don't eat only at home.

posted 7 years 1 month ago
Breastfeed if you must, just use a coverup to avoid your breast from getting exposed. I don't think you should conform with people who are not comfortable with women breastfeeding on public it's your right as a mother to give your baby the nutrition he or she needs.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
It is not an issue, but I am totally against just based on my own feelings. I mean, I would feel uncomfortable to do so, that means I am against myself breastfeeding publicly. But it does not mean I am against anyone doing so. I just jump into the car to avoid such situations, but I see no issues, seeing moms breastfeeding in public.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Which country is that? That must be a harsh rule to adhere to. It is a cafe for heaven sake. Furthermore, it's not like you flashing out your breast anyhow in public. The child too has the right to feed anytime and how they love it. In such instances, personally, the approach of the cafe attendant would realy matter. I expect they are polite and respectful. Every work area does have it's special rules. Hence, I believe that they have posters that have show relevant information that include smoking zones and child-care rooms. If the attendant politely approaches me and directs me to an available place that I will be in a position to comfortably feed my baby, I would take the offer. That would also depend on the condition of that area. In case the approach of the attendant is disrespectful and harsh. I would choose to leave. I am a customer, and their service to me is as important. My feeding the baby is also a need that has to be considered too. If they don't have this then leaving for another cafe is just the better option. Breastfeeding has to be put into consideration by business individuals that offer public services. It is a need for mothers who need to stay in touch with their social life.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Dear Jea.
As a woman, I think it is wrong to deny a mother the space to breastfeed her baby, and such treatment should not be permitted to thrive in our society. The fact that one has a baby and opts to breastfeed from a café does not mean that the child is being served a different meal in the facility. Any harassment meted out to women that are breastfeeding is pure discrimination. A café owner should not ask you not to breastfeed a baby. The law should protect mothers who are breastfeeding their kids. I have breastfed my children in leisure facilities, parks, and public buildings and even done it when traveling using public transport like planes, buses, and trains. I have also breastfed from prestigious hotels. I have lost count of the number of times I breastfed my babies in cinemas, hospitals, theatres, and petrol stations. I, therefore, think that you should not be discriminated, victimized, or harassed by any person just because of allowing your baby to take their favorite feed. There should be no discrimination towards mothers in public facilities. You need to stand your ground and should not shy away from telling any aggressors that no one will stop you from feeding your baby.

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