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My 3 yr old acts out scenes from TV shows!

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
My 3 year old is constantly acting out scenes from Tv shows and pretending to be different characters, not one in particular as he loves loads of different programmes. When we visit friends/family he is often acting things out and people don't know what he's talking about although i always know and the scenes are normally within context of the situation we're in.

I'm getting really worried about it, until now we have encouraged him because he wasn't the quickest talking, we are limiting the amount of TV he watches but still really worried as he is starting school soon. He converses with us and talks about other things but when he's acting out it is difficult to engage him in anything else, Help, has anyone else ever experienced this!!!

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
One family counselor suggested me, 7 days a completely different turn off the TV and plan daily activities, especially common. The result is usually improved emotional relationship, more intimacy, significantly more communication between inmates, as well as intensive communication with the outside world by television is heavily substituted.

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