Parents can make their homes safer, without compromising on style thanks to a product which keeps wires and cables away from children.

D-Line cable covers allow home owners to secure and hide cabling and wiring, preventing babies and small children to access loose wires.

The product is designed to provide a stylish and aesthetic containment solution. Semi-circle profiles make a more attractive vertical drop to hide cables from wall mounted TV’s and can resemble the top of skirting boards on a horizontal run.

It can only take 1 metre of loose electrical cord to endanger a toddler. Part of the essential ‘baby proofing’ of a home is to avoid any unnecessary accidents and the use of D-Line can prevent it happening.

Babies and toddlers are often curious and no space will go unexamined, even teething babies can even chew wires.

Ensuring loose wiring is safely hidden is a must for all parents. D-Line combines practicality, safety and the designer age which has transformed all interiors products in recent years.

The cable covers can nail or screw to the wall, or for lighter wires, there is even an adhesive strip on the back for fixing, making it a very simple DIY product, with a lot of benefits.

D-Line is available from leading DIY stores.