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someone please help me

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Okay, so my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex all the time. This past month (May) i started having trouble getting to sleep (would'nt go to sleep until 3 or 4am), and now it is uncomfortable for me to sleep on my stomach, i have to lay on my side. My stomach actually looks like its bigger as well
This past week I got my period ( or what i think may be my period?), except it was a lot shorter than usual, and lighther. Usually it is 7 days and VERY heavy. this week it was 3 days and a lot lighter than usual. I had pretty mild cramping before my period and i normally dont have cramps. I also threw up in the morning on the 2nd day which also never happens.
My nipples have been itchy & ive been eating more than i usually do in recent weeks. Im not sure if i am pregnant, if my body is changing or what. I would just love to have someone elses opinion.
Also, I haven't takin a pregnancy test yet. I have been feeling weird & on the day i went to go get a test i started bleeding so i didnt buy it. (p.s. we are trying to conceive)

posted 1 decade 2 years ago

I have 2 children and am also TTC (trying to conceive) after suffering 5 miscarriages with my new husband (not my children's biological father) but from all of my 7 pregnancies I would defo say from what you have descibed that you are preg.....BUT the only ans is with a HPT (home pregnancy test)as I have been seeing a specialist about our loses I have been told that if you want something soooooo much you will set your mind that you have the "symptoms" which I have done once or twice! I hope that you get your BFP (big fat positive) that you are hoping for and go on to have a happy healthy pregnancy!!!

Best of luck

Nicola xxxx

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
You may be pregnant and have had an implantation bleed. It would be best if you went and saw your gp and had a blood test so you know for sure.

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