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posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Hi all
Well i'm just on here to attempt to ease my mind a little as i'm sure pretty soon i'm gonna crack up LOL.
First of all we have been trying for a baby for around a year since i had an ectopic.Finally it seems i have become pregnant although i didnt miss a period and it seemed like a normal one apart from being two days late, took a preg test on the day it started that said neg. ten days after the start of that i started getting brown blood, this a warning sign to me as i have had 3 miscarriages plus an ectopic and all started this way.Anyway the test was positive, rushed to the docs..he wasnt at all concerned bout the period or the brown blood. seems to think it's normal.Convinced him to book a scan which is tomorrow AM. so anyway not really had any pain apart from slight cramp at the start and then around ten mins of sharp pain that felt like it was in my front and bum :/. this bleeding has been going on for5 days now, mostly brown but got slightly heavier yesterday and dark red, but was still only when i wiped and has now gone back to brown.
What i guess i'm asking is does anyone think there is any hope of this baby being ok? Anyone have any advice or a sim story. good or bad? Just can't take the not knowing and not sure how many more i can take. Also i had tests and the only thing could be found as for reasons was slight underactive thyroid which i now have meds for.
Be lucky if this gets read with all the rambling eh LOL

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Hey, I'm in a bit of a similar situation at the moment. I hadn't had a period since June 24th and so did a test about 3 weeks ago which was negative. Me & my partner have only been trying a little while & had nowhere near the amount of heartache which you have but we were both upset that our test was negative. However yesterday I started feeling sick & in the evening started to get a very very light pinkish blood. Obviously I thought o god that's another month we've missed our chance, but this morning it was the same just very light & brown this time. I was really pleased but now an hour later its started to go redder & slightly heavier but only when I wipe, so I have no idea what to think now. I am scared to test again because I know I'll be disappointed as will my BF.

I really hope that things do turn out ok for you though & that the baby is fine. You clearly deserve a break. All the best Kim

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