I'm feeling a bit stressed and upset tonight. Well, as i've posted on here this is a much longed for, 6 years of waiting baby. Before I found out I was pregnant I had bought a ticket to see Mrs Browns Boys in Newcastle along with a neighbour. However sinse my pregnancy i've been sick morning, noon and night and can't travel anywhere by road as I throw up. The sickness is worse at night too. Therefore as soon as I found out I was pregnant I told my neighbour I wouldnt beable to travel so I would need to sell my ticket to either someone who she knew or someone who I knew. She wasnt happy but that was the best I could do under the circumstances as this baby comes before everything else and she knows what we have been through.

She hasnt been able to sell the ticket to any of her friends, but found a friend who would drive her from Leeds to Newcastle if he could have the ticket for nothing!

She is now in a really bad mood as we have explained that as we have already paid for the ticket we were trying to sell it to recoup some of the expense. She has been around tonight and has really upset me as neither her friend or her wants to pay for the ticket, but she doesnt want us to sell the ticket either! She is barely speaking to me now and I feel so sick and tired of the whole thing I could cry. She has the ticket as it was ordered over the internet, but we have paid for it. Has anyone got any advice?