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cries at peoples houses

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Hi, My little boy is 2yrs and 3mnts. A while ago (prob about 7 or so months ago) he took a dislike to going to peoples houses/or out for lunch etc. Before then he was fine and would happily go anywhere but now he seems worse than ever and starts crying pretty much as soon as we get out of the car. We only ever go to peoples houses that he/we know and I have never left him anywhere (other than my Mum and Dads - he loves going there!) He is usually ok at places after a good 20 mins/half hour or so and will then play happily in their gardens while we sit outside but is not keen to go inside. Confused Beacause it upsets him so much I am a bit reluctant to take him to anyones or to try our local toddler group. Everyone says its just a phase he's going through but it seems to be going on a while. He is quite shy of people he doesnt know, even when they come to our own house. Does/has anyone else have same or similar problem?

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Hi, my son will be three next month he also started doing this when he was about two. He still occasionaly cries and wants to go home while we are out but he is getting better.I just let him sit on my lap untill he feels comfortable to get up and socialise although he still doesnt go to far out of my sight. I find that he does this mostly when we go out at night and to friends or relatives houses we dont visit often. The only places he doesnt do this is at my parents or siblings houses where we spend alot of time.

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