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hi im new just introducing myself :o)

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Hi everyone i have just joined this site. I have used other baby sites before but this one looks quite good!!

Anyway, Im elaine, im 27 and have a beautiful baby girl who will be 2 in may. me and my partner have decided to try for number 2. i came off the pill at the end of march/start of april (1st april i think!) we tried for nearly 2 years to conceive our daughter which i think was due to me having thyroid problems. they are all under control now thankfully as its not nice at all!

im so confused at the minute... i figured that i would be due my period yesterday. have been getting pains on and off but no period Confused dont know if its just becasue im just off the pill. anyone shed any light??

Im looking forward to getting to 'know' everyone!!


posted 1 decade 2 years ago
HI im new on here aswell. I am TTC after 5 miscarriages!

Best of luck and I have everything crossed for you honey xx

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Hi all, Im jo-jo mum of two boys 7yo and 3yo welcome to Jp. Good luck in TTC.

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