I'll state my symptoms and hope that someone can offer some advice...
here goes
day 38
low abdominal cramping, and at night a 'heat'
incredibly sore breasts (sides and nipples) Too much info?
Feeling incredibly fatigued
Sick when trying to brush teeth and at various times of the day
Feel hungry, but then feel so sick can't eat.
Feeling very emotional
Feel very cold
indigestion and heart burn.
Finding it difficult to concentrate on anything for any length of time.
Hospital ruled out pcos many times.

I've had similar, though not all of these symptom previous months, but haven't been pregnant. I'm terrified to take a test but will have to make a Drs appointment after the weekend if nothing changes. Went shopping this afternoon but was in so much pain and discomfort with cramps that I had to come home. I really felt as if I was going to get my period. Can anyone offer any advice please? Feeling pretty useless and emotional. Thankyou