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:'( can not do this anymore

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Ok i am in desperate need of advice :'(

how do i discipline a 5year old?

i have tried everything from taking toys/tv, naughty step, sending to his room and many more things but nothing works. i am in tears today as its just got too much....

today i asked him 2 tidy up his room he refused, he then kicked me, slapped me and started to smash his door i then told him until he has picked his toys up and said sorry for hurting me he will not be leaving his room, 3 hours later he is still refusing to do it....i feel like giving in but i know i need to be consistent as if i give in now he will always do the same knowing he will eventually get his own way.

i really do not what i can do as nothing works and i really can not cope anymore everyday is the same, i find it embarrasing especially when he hits me and calls me names in public. other people look on and tell me i should smack him/ put him on naughty step etc but they dont understand i have tried all and none of them work.

having children should be a wonderful thing but for me it just doesnt feel very wonderful right now, i know i will sound like a nasty person now but he is that bad i have decided against anymore children as i would hate to have to go through all this again - everyone comments on how naughty my son is which makes me feel even worse than how he makes me feel

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
I have had phases with my children of feeling like you do and I really feel for you. I have no great answer as I will probably still have bad patches to come with them but what I would say is it would do you good to have a couple of hours to yourself just to get a breather. I know the behaviour will still be bad when you go home but atleast you cold have some mental down time for yourself. Could a close family member help just to give you a little break?

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