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Sleepover protocol

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Hi there,
I was wondering how best to deal with this situation, my daughter aged 7 has just come back from her first
Sleepover at a friends where she told me they had a midnight feast and what sounds like a very unhealthy breakfast. Prior to the sleepover i spoke to my daughters friends mother and said that I wasnt keen on my daughter having too many treats as its not something I encourage in my home and i dont want her thinking that friends house = an opporrunity to eat junk. I emailed the mother this morning who admitted she had left the remaining sweets,crisps,sandwiches,etc from the birthday tea out for the girls to nibble on as they pleased but at breakfast had put out toast, fruit,cereal and sausages. She said her mother had been supervising the girls and it seems my request has not been passed on as my daughter said she had coco pops for breakfast, i therefore think i have been totally ignored by this mother and that she is indeed lying about breakfast as i dont think my daughter would have chosen coco pops had fruit and toast been offered. Im now unsure how to proceed, should I email the mother again or do i just not allow my daughter to stay over in future.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
In this situation, the breakfast is not important. Your child has to adjust to different situations, the bad room, in a bad bed, a dish that she does not like. It is important that you know that your daughter was safe in the house.
Do not have to always eat a healthy breakfast.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
It would be very hard to try and control the other mother too especially if she has her own parenting style. Just make sure that your child doesn't see you as her "prison guard". Make her feel that the healthy options are her actual choices/what she really wants. You shouldn't ban your child from the sleepover too, or else she'll see you as a tyrant who is out to destroy her social life. Again, don't be the enemy. Smile

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