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boyfriends kid and how he deals with him

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
my boyfriend has a 4 yr old son who lives with him half the week. my boyfriend makes me sit in the back of the car and has the baby seat in the front when he has his son with him because he cries screams and kicks off if he doesnt get to sit in the front. he also lies with him at night til he falls asleep and gives in to the screams and tantrums... a lot!
i have tried to tell him that he will have to stop giving in to the tears and tantrums but he thinks he is doing whats best because he doesnt want to see his son upset.
the thing that bothers me most is having to sit in the back of the car, i wouldnt ask any adult to sit in the back to allow a kid in the front seat, am i just jealous here?
and how do i get it across to him that his son isnt upset he is trying to get his own way and if he keeps giving in to him its only going to get worse

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
I think is definitely shows the level of importance he gives you and his child. Although, as an adult, I do hope that he'd give you your "proper" place, which is in front. Smile

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Try to make him known errors in the treatment of his son. If he does not accept the argument then think carefully about how you will deal with other common problems.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
Your boyfriend might be confused how to handle relationship with you and his son. Think from his perspective it isn't easy from him. Talk to him about he needs to give importance to you too.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
You know when two families come together there are always teething problems and ive been going through similar, and its got to the stage where myself and my girlfriend spilt up, im a single dad to a little boy of 7 who has mild cerebral palsy, and i got together with my girlfriend 2 years ago, she has a son who is aged 6, but we also had a baby together who is now 9 months old, now coming together as a family unit hasnt been easy, and my problem is very similar, her 6 year old seems to get his own way a awful lot and yet when i mention things or problems that dont sit true with me ive always been the one in the wrong, prime example, is we went round her parents for a roast now her son wont eat roast but my little boy will, so my little boy gets what i call a mini roast and her son gets mini sausages , roast potatoes and carrots, now my son is constantly told come on eat your dinner, and her son is picking at his dinner hardly touching it, yet her mum mentions theres chocolate cake for afters, his eyes light up and he says ohhh chocolate cake, then stops picking and leaves it, now my opinion is that the same with my own son, if you can eat your dinner there is no afters, yet her son is aloud to leave his half eaten dinner and have a slice of chocolate cake, eats that then is given another slice, and my poor son is told to hurry up and eat his dinner, doesnt seem fair to me yet i say something and apparently im moaning ,its the same when they go to the supermarket shopping he moans he wants to buy a little something and instead of saying no she gives into him, so as your saying is that me being stupid and there has been alot of this going on and i feel like im going mad

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