Hi there, Im still searching for answers, please help...

I have been marking my periods on a calendar for some months now to try and figure out a date to try to highten my chances of conceiving. I knew my periods were irregular and have had ivf, for which eggs were retrieved. However, with such irregular periods, can I actually use an ovulation calculator effectivly and if so how? My monthly cycle lengths have been as follows...April 27 days,
May 29 days,
June 28 days,
July 33 days,
Aug 34 days,
Sept 20 days,
Oct 32 days.

Nov...i'm on day 26 but still waiting.

My periods, on the whole, last 5 days. I get symptoms each month such as bloating, feeling very sick and irritablility. On our last IVF attempt my chest became massive!! However since then this has continued, but not necessarily at the time of the month that I would expect to be having pmt! The pain gets so intense I feel they could burst, and this month I couldnt lie comfortably in bed. They became so large that my arms kept knocking them! Could my chest swell when i'm at my fertile time of the month? I have been to the doctors about this yesterday as i'm now alarmed that I have had to go to Bravisimo, (bra shop for v.big chest sizes!) to get bras a whole size bigger. Each time I go they say ive been mis-sold my last bra and I can take it back! However I know I need the 2 different size bras for different times of the month.

My doctor recommended that I do a pregnancy test, but with so many let downs in past months I really cant face another at the mo. I would love to be pregnant, but thought I should wait until the longest time that I would have normally expected my period. I never know whether I 'feel' pregnant as I have such wierd symptoms during the month. I have an 18 year old son and can remember how I felt then. I'm 36 years old. Can anyone help?

Thankyou Jag Confused