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hello, im new here and looking for a bit of advice

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
me and my partner have been tryin for a baby for 6 months now were both very healthy, i had my period about 2 weeks ago and have been suffering with nausea and stomach cramps at night, i have also noticed very light spotting on him and on the sheets after intercourse, could this be a sign of something wrong?? are there any reasons why nothing is happening?

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
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Hi, I probably wont be much help to your topic, but just wanted to welcome you on. All I can advise is what i'd do and that is if the spotting is a new symptom to you, then i'd make an appointment with my GP. Particularly as you have had cramping too. Sometimes when ive posted a topic on here ive had replies that seem irrelevant, but have opened up other lines of enquiry that have helped. Maybe by speaking to your doctor they may find something that can help.

Hope you find your answer!


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