Very unusual symptoms this month. Can anyone help please? Have been TTC for years including 3x IVF cycles. Decided to try naturally again. Periods usually regularly irregular ie 25-31 days. However this month I had an intermittant tug and pain in left hand side at front of body, but not low enough to be ovaries. This went on for a couple of weeks. Period was 4-5 days late. The pain had subsided then, without warning period came. Period is a lot different than usual with symptoms I have never experienced before so im a bit concerned. I have a heavy bleed with lots of small blood clots. The pain in lhs is receding, but I have the usual cramping in lower abdomen, ovary area. I will be making a Dr appt. on Monday as this is all very unusual for me. Can anyone help? Has anyone had similar symptoms and if so do they know what was the cause? Thankyou.