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struggling to dress post birth- opinions on tunic dress??

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
hey ladies, new mum here!
obviously very excited about everything but struggling to look good while excited! looking for something to gracefully disguise the post baby bump...
i've been browsing tunic dresses but am unsure whether they would really do the trick...
any opinions greatly welcome, and any tried and tested styles that would work better? always thought i'd be an elegant mum and its just not looking that way right now!!
thanks in adavnce girls, much appreciated

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
I would suggest wearing fitted style tops and blouses and avoid anything elasticated as it hugs the 'bulge'. If you are wearing jeans or trousers it is more flattering to wear a size bigger that you can fit your belly into instead of a size smaller which leaves your love handles hanging out over the edge if you know what I mean. If you have slim legs then show them off in black leggings or tights so that attention is drawn to your slim legs and away from your middle if you are feeling a bit tummy heavy. Don't feel you have to wear all big baggy stuff as it often makes you look worse.

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