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Thomas' birth story!

sugarsugar Moderator
posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Hiya everyone! have 2 hands free now so can type a bit better lol!
Just had a few cups of tea lol!
Thomas is doing well - Charlotte Adores him!
Everything went pretty well. I ended up in hospital sunday afternoon thinking my waters had gone as i felt a pop and had a huge gush - but when i got there they said it wasnt my waters - possibly my hind waters - but by time i got to hospital contractions were 10mins apart - by time i got seen too and was being sent home at 10pm they were every 4 mins! Got told not to come bk until they were very 2-3mins which they were by time we got home - managed to get to about 1:30am then i was screaming at DF that i needed pain relief!
Got to hospital about 2am and was 6cm and was given a delivery room straight away - asked for an epidural by time that was starting to be given i was 8cm and it didnt work - was ready to push by 9cm and couldnt stop myself! MW helped me trhough but pleased to say even though i asked for it - bcoz the epidural didnt work i had no pain relief at all - not even gas and air! just squeezed on dfs hand and breathed through lol!
Thomas was born at 5:48am - he had the cord wrapped round his neck and had passed meconium so had to stay on for 24hr for obs but apart from that and the fact i lost a lot of blood eerything was fine - we paid to have a private room which made me feel a lot mor comfortable! thomas' obs all came back clear and we were free to go home yesterday after he had his BCG

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
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Aww how lovely, the birth of a baby is a wonderful thing, I love to hear about other peoples birth stories! Kiss

Glad that all is well with you and new baby and of course the rest of the family! Very happy

love jodie xxx

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
nice story!
well done having no pain relief!
glad it all went well for u sugar and now u have u'r beautful baby boy Baby Very happy Very happy Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Well done sugar, you did good!! No pain relief, such an inspiration. Lovely story aswell.
HUGE congrats, give baby Thomas a kiss from us all Very happy Love Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I love reading birth stories!!!

Well done you, but oooh hun no pain relief, had none with George and yyooouch!!! Glad Thomas is A ok Very happy and you are too Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
great story hunni and u have a beautiful baby boy well done Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
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On the birth of your beautiful son.
Sounds to me like you buckled down and did a great job giving birth. Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
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Woo Hoo Yippee Hurray
Congratualtions hunni hope you're both doing well. i had no pain relief either and i have to say im glad i didn't it was more rewarding lol.
hope hes settling in ok keep us posted on how hes doing. all our love and best wishes
give him big hugs and kisses from us
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Congratulations love! Enjoy your new bundle, glad to know both mum and baby and doing well! xXx

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