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Birthday parties

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Am 25 years old and i have a wee girl who'll be a year old in 7weeks. am having a birhtday party for her. Her cousins are invited and i cant think of any party games to play. The only 3 i can think of is musical status, Pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey.. but i played them when i was a little girl. At the party they'll be a louise (my daughter who'll be one), a baby at 11month and another baby at 7 month. Then two kids aged 2 and 4. Kidds aged 5,6,8,11. Another kid who's aged 9 ( i think who's 9).

Any ideas on party games?
Confused Confused

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I think that is plenty of games anyways as they will take a bit of time to get through pass the parcel and pin the tail. I had a pinata for my DS birthday it was more for the older children though. we held the 1 year olds and had a turn for them lol.I think thats plenty of games for that age group as there attention starts to wander after a few minuets lol. Hope it all goes well.. not long to go.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Treasure hunts are good and the bigger ones can help the little ones.

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