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Help (about DH quitting smoking)

posted 1 decade 4 weeks ago
It has been three months or more since my DH gave up smoking,he has no desire to take up the habbit again after 20 odd years of smoking so the whole family are quite proud and dont want to nag him. He gave up using nicobate lozengers and now has tictac's or other lollies to chew on while all his mates etc are smoking lol. I am getting annoyed at another bad habbit he has just formed (i know im being picky but its gross) he lights a match flicks the head off then chews on it Cuckoo i hate it when we go out and there is a half a match stick hanging out the side of his mouth!! he is obviously doing this because of the hand to mouth reaction right??(im a non smoker so im a bit nieve)has anyone got any suggestions at what else he could do eat lol???? i want to help him out without sounding like a nag as the kid's and i think its gross but are so happy that he gave up all on his own.

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
Throw the match boxes away when he isn't around, after all they're really small boxes and easily lost... It could be worse, Frank went from smoking to picking his nose, he does it around anyone as well, then he wipes it somewhere, under the car seat/on the carpet beside the bed, or if he is somewhere else he just flicks it, then doesn't wash his hands.

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
Ughhh Samuel,that what Frank is doing is gross Gag i cant handle seeing a booger being dug out by a child let alone an adult you are one patient man lol. The funny thing is we dont have any box's of matches about the house so im not sure where he is getting them from (i know he has cleaned my mum's cupboard out )so she has hidden hers. As i dont have any im thinking he has a stash somewhere out in his workshop or buys them when he is out? its like he is the proud owner of the never ending box of matches??

after reading Frank's habbit maybe i am being a bit of a nag lol.

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
Hi, I have a similiar prob with my other half. He's trying to quit and has done really well but struggles when he's out with his friends and has slipped a few times. So now he has those sugar free lollies which he eats really loudly and quickly and then he chews the stick for what seems like hours!! But it's better than him smoking so guess I'll have to live with it!

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