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New partner cheating / trust issues.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I started dating someone at the begginning of the year. We were never exclusive but we saw each other a lot. In february he went to America to visit "A friend" i knew nothing about. Turns out it was a girl he has been chatting to online for about 10 years. He swore they were friends nothing more. About 2 weeks after he got back we stopped dating through various issues. We got back together briefly then ended again. About 3 weeks ago i found out i was pregnant. We've gotten back together as we do really like each other and have heaps in common but i am having a termnation as i am not ready to have a child. The problem is my hormones have been all over and when he left his laptop in my flat i looked at online conversations he had been having with this girl in America and it was a lot more full on than just friendship (i.e. it was saying how she couldnt wait to kiss him and hold him when he got there and he had said she really turned him on and couldnt wait to see her. Then after he got back the conversations turned to he missed hugging her and laying in bed with her and she was coming to England to visit and he had said they could go on a trip.
When i confronted him about this he said have you looked on my laptop, to which i replied no. And he denied everything and swore nothing went on but flirting and thats all thier reltationship would be. He was so adamant about it i'm so confused. I really do like him so much and he said he likes me but im not sure what to do.
Cany anyone help me please??

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
At the end of the day it's your life and you are the one who has to decide what you want.

If you can't trust him, then I would say that's not a great basis for a relationship.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
If you were keeping the baby I would say you really need to sit down and have a full on discussion to clarify if you are a commited couple or not. BUT as you've said you are having an abortion I honestly can't see why you're bothering with this 'seeing each other/relationship' thing. You don't have trust, it doesn't sound as if you really know each other very well and you know he is lying to you. Sorry to be blunt but why did you have unprotected sex?or did your contraception not work? I hope you find some clarity in your own mind. Good luck

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