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2 missed periods,all preg. symptoms,nausea etc, 3 neg hpt!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
hi there ladies!
just wondering if anyone can be of any help to me about this situation im in!

basically, i havent had a proper full period since second week of feb,
a week after the time i think i would of conceived i had a couple of days of dark discharge/very light blood spotting, then nothing since!

my doc has done various blood tests for anemia/diabetes etc,
but all came back normal!

he seems to think im in early stages of pregnancy, although 3 home pregnancy tests came out negative!
im having literally every single pregnancy symptom/sign and have been for almost 4 weeks now, which would put me at 5 weeks pregnant by my calculations!
the doc thinks that it could purely be not showing up as positive because i dont have high enough hcg levels, which is apparently not that uncommon in women, some dont get a positive til they're 8 weeks!

well basically, he told me to come off my pills just incase i am pregnant,

i came off them 3 days ago, and have had a tiny bit of light brown discharge when i wipe after urinating, but no blood!

day 5 off the pill now, and only a bit of clear discharge, rounded tummy, achey body, frequent nausea still, lower backache Sad Face

and the light discharge has gone, just a very clear discharge now!
any idea whats going on?!!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Im currently training as a midwife(nearly finished)and just started trying for my 3rd baby, so i hope maybe i can offer a little advice!
It is rare that a pregnancy test/blood test would not detect pregnancy at this stage however speaking as a mum i was 5and a half wks pregnant before a test showed positive last time so it could be possible you are pregnant. You dont say how long you have been trying- i only say as i have seen some women who have been trying along time feel the symptoms of pregnancy but not be. Really hope you are but if your period is more than a week late i would suggest you go back to the doctors and ask for a blood test to look for the pregnancy hormone or if still nothing and you are sure you could be pregnant a transvaginal ultra sound may be offered. Hope this helps a little
x x

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
hi there!

thanks for the advice!
well, when my doctor carried out the bloodwork tests, he only sent off for it to test for blood conditions such as anemia, as that was what he thought it was at first,
(odd that he didnt test for pregnancy first) as that would be the most obvious thing to eliminate!


posted 1 decade 4 years ago
yeah you would think! def go back and ask that its done! try not to worry though! let me knowx feel a bit weird being on here as a midwife but was browsing and couldnt help but get involved some of the advice is ridiculous not so much on this site but others hope everything goes well for you xx x

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
thanks very much!
i will do,
they have said to wait a month to see if i get a period or a positive on a hpt, but that seems too long really,
because if i am pregnant, surely its best i know as soon as possible!


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