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is breastfeeding right for me.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
i'm 18 weeks pregnant with my first and i really want to breast feed but when i think about it i get a stupid thought that it wont look or feel right for me. i was wondering if anyone has had this thought or is it just me being worried over nothing

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi there! I'm Louise and I've been breastfeeding my 3rd child (Jessica) from birth- she's 10 and a half months now. When I had my 1st child 13 years ago I had initially wanted to breastfeed him but due to a traumatic birth I got really worked up when I tried to feed him the 1st and 2nd time and just put him straight onto formula milk- I wish I had tried to breastfeed him again. My 2nd child was breastfed up to 3 months when I went back to work full-time and although I tried to express as much as I could, my supply dried up. Sorry, that's a bit off topic there! When I had my 2nd child I would only ever nurse in my home, but I have on a few occasions nursed Jessica in public- although not 'obviously'. Are you worried about feeding your baby when you're out and about? Don't worry about how you'll 'look', do you have a breastfeeding support group near you? When you've had your baby your midwife will show you how to position the baby in the best way- and there's nothing more rewarding for a new mum than being able to breastfeed, but don't get worried if you can't though because you'll still have a strong bond with your baby whether you breast or bottle feed Smile

Just wondering, how old are you?

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
breastfeeding is amazing !!! I'm so glad I managed it the second time around as it is harder than you think Confused

Find out where your local breastfeeding group/cafe is and go along to meet everyone, everyone will be happy to offer advice or share stories.

you will need support for the 1st 6 weeks as they are hard work but after that everyday gets easier. I also suggest getting a coorie sling they are fantstic and so easy to latch baby on whilst in there

go to kellymom for amazing breastfeeding facts and advice I learnt so much from there

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