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at end of my teather

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
i have a problem and it may sound like nothing, but its really getting to me.
every day when i pick casey up from school she wants to go somewhere, most days its to he friends house others it just anywhere but home. when shes told no were goin home, either because the friend wont be home or i havent the money to get the bus somewhere.(and its hard work taking them both round shops) she cries all the way out of school and most way home.

its starting to really wear me down because i feel people are looking and thinkin i must be horrible to her for her not to want to come home, or as it prob looks to them just doesnt want to be with me.

ive tried ignoring it, and ive tried talkin to her ive even resorted to puttin her in her room for it. its just no workin......any advice would be great please.

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 4 years ago
You could look at it like she has had such a great day with her friends and at school that she doesn't want to go home, she wants to stay with them. I would rather have a child who crys about NOT wanting to go home than them crying at not wanting to go INTO school.

I can see why you are at your wits wends if it is every day, You could try a sticker chart and she gets a sticker for coming out of school nicely, another for walking home nicely. Speak to her teacher and ask them to tell her maybe 5 minutes or so before going home that she is going home with mummy today and on the days she has a play day ask them to tell her about that, that way she has some warning about what is going to happen. I would do that for any of my parents who asked.

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