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Struggling with social phobia as a parent

posted 9 years 4 months ago
I'm hoping to create a support group for parents that struggle with everyday tasks that others take for granted. From going shopping with their child, getting on a bus or even going to plagroup.

I have set up a facebook page, To share axieties, goals and achievements as reading others posts can inspire and even the realisation of not being alone can spark faith and courage.

I hope to see you all there in support by becoming a fan and reaching your most unexpected friends/relatives.

Facebook group: Social phobia - New mums dealing with baby and fears

Thanks for your time,
Claudette Burden Glitherow

posted 8 years 11 months ago
Super idea will check it out. I suffer from Claustrophobia and am so trying not to pass this onto my child. Monkey see monkey do.

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