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my 4 years all girl can not sleep with out the piglet pillow

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I am worried because my baby girl can not sleep with out the piglet pillow. I am worried because she feel insecure that we will leave her again to her grandparent because we are constantly working.

pls. advise.

thank you in advance

posted 1 decade 4 years ago

i would not worry about that too much! my 4 year old son josh cannot sleep without his teddy bobo. he went to a childminder from when he was about one year old, because I wanted to finish uni. and up to when he was about 6months my parents and grandparents watched him during the day while i was at uni.
i cannot see any harm done to my son's confidence or that he feels insecure. i think that because we do pick him up every night he knows he can absolutely rely on us and trust us with whatever comes his way.javascript:emoticon('Very happy')
i am no expert but I have also noticed that although he absolutely cannot sleep without "bobo" he is a very confident individual. for example: he goes into the corner shop by himself to buy sweeties (while I am waiting outside) or asks the busdriver a question about the bus that I cannot answer. in nursery he is very open, confident and has a lot of friends. I do not think it is bad in any way for children if the parents work and they are watched by grandparents, childmindes, nannies etc. after all, its about quality time with your child not quantity!

i hope it helped at least a little bit!!


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