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1st C-section tomorrow, any advice?

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Im having a C-section tomorrow Shocked and very scared has any one had a C-section that could give me a bit of Advice or tell me about yours?
I have 2 boys Leo aged 3 and Bradley aged 18 months that i had naturaly.
thanks in advance to any replys Very happy

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi there, I'm Louise- I had all 3 of mine by c-section, the youngest is 7 months old- other 2 are 12 and 6 years old.

It is a common procedure these days and although they've probably scared you with the paperwork to sign to cover their back at the hospital there's nothing to it really although you'll feel quite flimsy for a few days. Make sure you feel ready to go home though, I don't know if they're doing this up and down the country (are you in UK?) but they said to a woman who was on my ward and had had her 1st c-section that she could go home after 2 days even though she'd been feeling sick the day before. When I had my 1st CS I was in for 5 days and same on my 2nd- my other half's mum was in for 10 days 35 years ago (seems a bit extreme by today's standard but all the same don't leave if you don't feel ready- it's still major abdominal surgery and with your 2 boys you'll need to rest as much as you can to speed up your recovery).

I was knocked out for my 1st but awake for 2nd and 3rd- it may seem daunting being awake but you'll see and hear your baby as soon as they deliver him/her and you'll also find the recovery quicker.

Make sure you get plenty of help when you get home, you must look after yourself!

Best Wishes for tomorrow, you'll be fine Kiss Kiss Kiss

Lou xxxx

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi ya hun,dont be afraid lol.I had my first son by c-section as he was breech,i was awake and felt as though i didnt miss a thing (my gyno talked me through every step while he was performing the c-sec). As Welshmum said you will need a bit of extra help when you get home for a week or so.Everyone has a different pain thresh hold so you might even find you are ok after (still a bit sore though).I would highly recomend you get up and walk around as soon as you feel you can (as long as your doctor ok's it.)It feels weird at first but it actually helps with the pain and healing but DONT over do it and lift anything!! Kiss .

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