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whats happening to my body !!!!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago

Hi all .... just seeking some friendly advice and wondering if anyone else is experiencing what im going through...

I came off dianette about 3 months ago and i was only taking it for about 4/5 months to begin with. Up until then my periods were always regular. After coming off dianette i was having fornightly cycles my last 2 cycles were 21 days and this month im on day 29 and still no period.

I have done 2 home pregnancy tests which came back negative and last monday i had a hcg blood test done at the doctors and that has come back normal.

last week i experienced very sore nipples, i had period like pains that constantly lasted for a bout 4/5 days but no period, spots that usually develop when i am coming on. Could this be late ovulation? or perhaps implantation pains?

I am experiencing period like pains as im typing this so im expecting a period to start at any moment but i have been having these on and off for about a week now.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Huge hugs. If your period doesn't come by Monday I would go back and get the HCG levels checked again. My periods are all over the place and if it wasn't for my hubbie begging me to get a test done I would of never found out I was expecting again. Fingers crossed you get the result you want

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