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Toy Story Mania

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Has anyone else noticed how much buzz there is around Toy Story at the moment? There is the re-release in 3D of the original movies, the long-awaited trailer for number three, the launch of the Wii game Toy Story Mania, not to mention an absolute explosion of Buzzes and Woodys on Christmas toy shelves. I am actually quite delighted as I loved Toy Story long before I even thought about having kids and now I can revisit it through their eyes. I also found a great arts and crafts site with all things Toy Story that your kids might like too, I have a suspicion I know what is going to be in Santa’s letter this year.


posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Yea toy story is all the rage at the moment. My eldest RB wants to go and see the 3d films at the movies and when 3 comes out he wants to go and see that as well. But I'm not allowed to take him it's got to be his dad as he says the films can be "daddy/me time" which he loves and can't get enough off. He is right daddies boy and is really proud to say "that's my daddy. Mr. Reed is my daddy" when he sees him at school through the day.

I know what will be on his christmas wish list as he says he is too old to do letters to santa know as will be nearly 8 come christmas and is starting to work out the truth about santa. As long as he don't tell the younger 2 I don't mind, well I do I he is growing up to quick but I guess 8 is a good enough age to have the santa talk

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Yes, my little one is mad about Toy Story, he loves it and all the toys, wants everything for Christmas!

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