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Single dad in need of help...

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Long story short i have had my son for 12 month in my care including claiming benefits (solicitor said i needed to do that) now recentley my son has been coming home with black feet from the dirt in the house yellow teeth as she fails to brush them the house is a complete mess with dirt and grime all over and human waste on the walls of the bathroom.
I hate the idea of going to court and then ending up seeing him less AND him living in the tip longer each week but after seeing my son eating off the floor in my home i realised i'd be stupid and fail as a father if i didn't say something.

So i mentioned the living conditions to the health visitor not knowing what to do and they said (after they saw the pictures) that the house was a complete mess "do they bath him often?" [me] "she does bath him but i don't think its too often" HV"good because it may do more harm than good"

I hate the idea of my son eating in that place but i don't want to deny him his mother its the last thing i want.

I have asked her to clean up stop sending him home with black feet and unbrushed teeth but she just wiped them infront of me and said there you go all clean.
Its only his milk teeth but still them being clean is normal.

I'm just feeling guilty my brother said ive been too patient my mother said it was the best thing for him but i still feel bad that it had to come to this.

Does anyone know what will happen next? or my chance in court? if i new she was looking after him in a clean home no human waste on the walls floors he can play on without getting dirty i'd be glad to let her have him full time i just dont know what to do i even decorated her room before we moved in together before my son was born (26 month ago or just over 2 years) and the roller used is still in the bathroom.

Any thoughts?

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Sorry to say this but I really hope that you get full custody fo this child. I was brought up in a house that was filthy and know as amother with 3 kiddies under feet I can't understand how my mother allowed us to live in the conditions she did. I have to clean up after every meal including hovering the floor around the eating area and I mop, disinfect, and polish the rest of the house on a daily basres with hot water, Fresh lemon, lime and orange juice, vinagar and bi-carbinated soda as I can't use the shop-bought stuff as it affects my kiddies illnesses.

Huge hugs and you are doing a brilliant job by trying to get her to keep the house clea and realise she is doing wrong by your child

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Thanks for that, I do still feel guilty and picking him up was awkward i still dont know if anything was done or how to find out if they even went?

I dont mind him getting dirty we often splash in puddles and roll around on the grass but when your dirty inside the house where you live and breave in all the crap its just so frustrating Sad Face

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