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Anyone else got kiddies with epilepsy?

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
Ihave just found out today that my EJ is showing signs of mild epilepsy but of the staring version not the full-on fits one. I am a nervous reak, we are playing the waiting game know for his MRI, MRA, CAT and CT scan and also his 24 hour EEG which will be follwed by a 72 hour EEG later down the line. I have told to keep an epileptic episode diary between know and January when I see the neurologist EJ is under and that it could take a very long time to get a full-diagnosed. They aren't treating him yet as they want to do the tests and see a dairy first before deciding which route to go down for treatment as if it is mild enough then we could try diet controlling it. Epilepsy of both versions is in both sides of the family so I'm not that surprsied I have a child with it, it's just finally hit me that I have another child who is not 100% healthy and wanted advice on what to avoid and weither anyone else has noticed that changing there childs diet has helped control or calm down the epileptic episodes.

Thank you for reading

posted 1 decade 3 weeks ago
EJ has his apointment through for his EEG. They have also decided to do a quick 20 minute EEG which is the one they are goingot be performing on the 23rd October at 12:30. I'm am nervous about this test but it is more the preparing time it I am nervous about and the sectionof the test were they are goignot have flashing disco lights on. EJ has never seen these before and I am nervous about what they might do him. We don't have long to wait and we haven't had to wait long for them to offer us this appointment they also sent leaflets about the procedure and what the risks and side-effects could be with having an EEG done but they need to do all the tests they can to help find out to what degree EJ has epilipsy as then they will know what route to take to help control it

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