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Kaydon Christian Jake has arrived in PERFECT health.

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
My wife is still at the hospital... I am home getting some things for EVERYONE!!! Very happy
My SIL gave birth to mine and my wife's beautiful son very early this morning making him an October baby at 1:25am. Though he was early he weighed in at 8lbs 7oz Very happy and is 19.5in long with lots of dark curls! This has been an ABSOLUTELY crazy Crazy day because our dear Kelsey had to have surgery to insert tubes in her ears at 7am. Everyone is thoroughly exhausted, but happier beyond words that our son is here and so perfect. His middle name is given after his Auntie Chrissy who has carried him and given us this gift. Lacey wants to fill you in on the whole story, she just wanted me to post that Mr. Kaydon-bug has joined our family... haha unfortunately he chose to do so the same day his big sis Ms. Kelsey-bug needed some caring for. She is recovering. The nurses are all taking such good care of her and tomorrow she will feel better it is expected. Its rough to have your little one in such pain. We have been going back and forth between KJ and Kel. Chrissy is actually nursing KJ until her milk comes in then she will be pumping milk for him for us... she is the most amazing person. Love But KJ is bonding wonderfully with both of us, and I especially want that for Lacey more than myself right now. Anyway, here is a "fresh out of the oven shot" only a few minutes old. He is a very calm guy. Smile

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
Welcome ot the world Kaydon. Hope Kelsey feels better soon. Congrates to you all and what a lovely gift your SIL has given you he is so cute

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
Aaaaaw! Congratulations all and welcome KJ! I bet Kelsey can't wait to cuddle him! xxx

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
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Congratulations Very happy x

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
congratulations Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 2 months ago
Baby Congratulations Baby

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
Thanks all. Very happy
We are exhausted here. Adjusting to being home. Kel is not adjusting well. It is a huge challenge right now. Kaydon is wanting to eat seemingly constantly and that is making for an exhausted family. I don't even have any updated photos of Kel. Here is one of Kaydon at 3 days. He is needing me.
Thanks..... xo

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
Wow Kaydon has changed in only 3 days. So glad everythin gis goig well and I am positive that Kelsey will adjust very soon. She just needs to get her head aroundnot being the only littlie in the house. Would love to see a piccie of Kelsey and Kaydon together. I lovely brother/sister photo might just do the trick. Hugs to you all and I hope Kelsey is feeling better than she was the other week

posted 1 decade 1 week ago
awww congratulations chick. Hope everyone is doing well. Bet you and your partner are over the moon. Big hugs to you and your family. xxxx

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