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School change, opinions needed!!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi everyone, just hoping for some opinions on my little dilemma. My son is six, and attended a nursery incorporated in a primary school, ive always regretted not sending him onto P1 in that school, but another one that was a little closer. Now my almost 3 year old daughter is attending the same nursery and no surprise she loves it, as my son did, and ive come to the decision (i think!)I want to move him back to the original one. Main reasons are its a better achieving school, the staff are amazing and i dont think the school he is currently attending is maximising him to his full potential. He has no friends in his class but still knows other children from the preschool i want to move him back to. My only problem is that i don't want to uproot him but i feel for his own benefit he will be much better off. Im just scared incase i make a bad choice, although my gut feeling is very strong on this one. Thank you in advance, any advice would be much apprecieted xx

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Go with your gut. My son was in a school that got shut down and I had to move him to another school and being forced to move him was the best thing that happened to him. He has come on in all areas of development and they picked up on a special need that he has and started assisting him straight away in that as well and has come on tremendusly in his literacy since he has had the extra help. the schoolhe is at know is further away fro home but I do wish I put him there to start off with 3 years ago. He is know in his second school year at his new school and they are brilliant. He also has a yonger sibling at the school withhim know and they are so supportive and even thoughhis sibling is acheiving better levels than him and she is only in reception stage they do not compare him to her and they never say to him "come on you should be able to do this, your sister can and she is 3 years below you." Which I did hear a teahcer say at his old school which I hated them for doing and it made him feel so stupid

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I agree- go with what you feel is best. I had to move my 12 year old to a nearer comprehensive school back in January, luckily he had friends there from primary school and funnily enough pretty much all his classmates from the previous comprehensive school have moved to this school too as the year has gone on. This school has a lot more going for it academically as well. James was a bit reluctant at the start but he's definately seeing it in a better light now and has done really well so far. Go for it! Kiss

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