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New Government decision

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I went to a meeting at my DD's school as the government have just brought in a new rule that Year 2s (6 and 7 year olds) will now have Sex Education. There are the basic science elements that are compulsory for every school; and then it's up to the discretion of each school to decide if they want to take the lessons further. Our school showed us the films normally shown to year 5s (9 and 10 year olds)which they intend to show our children next half term which most of us feel are just a little too much for this age group but no new film has been made for the younger children.
Also as some mums pointed out they also have children in years 3 and 4 who are not going to be given these lessons until they reach year 5, but their younger children in year 2 are going to learn now and know more than their oldr siblings. It seems ludicrous and certainly not logical. Why not teach the current year 4 children first if they really want to bring them this information at a younger age.
The original letter said it's up to us if we feel it's not the right time for our children to see the films, they can just do the other work and we an borrow the films at a later date BUT at the meeting they were pushing us more to allow the films or we'd be in the minority. However most of the parents have decided they don't want them shown yet so want to approach the school to delay it until atleast next year.
I don't think that my 6 year old daughter needs to know about stimulating her clitoris yet-which the film talks about! and I don't think she needs to know yet about erections etc, especially as she has 2 little brothers and I don't want fun bath times together to turn into something that she shouldn't be worried about yet.
I'm no prude and I'm very honest with her about things when she wants to know. She knows about periods and that she will have them when she is older and that her boobs will grow. When I was pregnant I told her that daddy has a seed and mummy has an egg and when you put them together they make a baby. This is all the information she has ever wanted and I don't think she needs to know any more right now.
How do you all feel? and for those of you with year 2 children what are they doing in your school?

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Not sure what has been decided at my kids school as the ex hasn't been in touch about this yet. Frankly I think they don't need to know about this until 10/11 years old, just before they go to secondary school. If you start introducing this sort of information at a younger age it is going to cause more problems and also prevent the kids growing about as kids. If anything it might make matters worse. But I also hope that as part of it that they explain some of the legal aspects such as the age at which it is allowed etc so that they understand that they shouldn't be doing it before they are 16.
My eldest only got taught about this last year (year 6) and it was about the right time, body starting to under go changes, and obviously in secondary school mixing with older children she will come across it more. It lead to sniggering at the innocent mention of things like "balls", but that is part of the parcel of it.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
These new guide lines are hidorous. My eldest RB is in year 3 know and they have started sex education with them to the point were the teacher even said that a women and a man have to have sex to make a baby. We weren't even told they were starting sex education at this age. I agree that the girls at 7-8 need explaining to about how there bodies are going ot change over the next few years especially if the parenst raise awareness that it is normal in there family for girls to be girl developers but other than that, that is all that is needed to be talked about.

Again I will answer questions that I get asked by my RB or LC but I will explain it in a manor that I feel is appropiate for there age and development levels. Both RB and LC have asked how a baby gets inside the mummy's tummy and I have explaine dit as a special type of love that only a mummy and daddy can have because it is that special it is not for children and sometimes because of this special love a baby starts growing in the mummies tummy. I won't be allowing my daughter to join in with sex education at that age I will continue explaining things when she asks until she is between 8-10 years old

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
GTTkel, the only reason an older sibling will have less knowledge than younger siblings is because the parents of those children cannot be bothered to educate their own children. That is what is illogical and ludicrous.
If anyone with a child in the British education system believes that their children are innocent to the world of sex, they have their head buried very deeply in sand.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I thought this was already the case? As far as I know I will be invited to view a video this year which will be shown to my daughter who is in year 1. The parents of older kids say its is just showing how animals make babies and that humans are made the same way. I think they show animals being born.

I've no problem with Charlotte seeing babies being born or how they are made to be honest. I wouldn't really feel she needed to know about masturbation until she was older though until around 9/10/11 as puberty will begin.

I never had any sex ed at primary besides the Tampax lady in the final year. I had a sort in the first year at high school which was the biological side and not until I was 15 was I told about contraception and STI's, by then probably most of my year were having sex anyway!! My mum told me about it all before school ever did.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Glad to hear you views. It seems as if schools are approaching this in very different ways based on conversations I have had with other parents.
It's like everything I suppose, you don't know te outcome until it's been tried and tested and this just happens to be something that my daughter's age group are the GuineaPigs for.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I haven't heard anything from Gemma's school yet (she's in year 2)- I'm not sure how they will deal with Gem though as she has extra tuition (general education) for learning difficulties and she's also receiving help for social skills, don't know if they will treat her the same as the other kids with respect to sex education as she's not as 'mature' as them psychologically. Unsure

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
i am not sure what i think i had a talk with mine though as i think it is a parents decision to tell them first x

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
- My blog
my daughter isnt in school yet, but i agree with you. I believe that children should be kept in the loop about grown up matters, but not at the risk of their childhood. I think sex ed should stay at the grade 4/5 level, but there are circumstances where children may need to know a bit earlier, and some parents are oblivious to this.

It all comes down to the child, and only you as a parent can know what their level of maturity is able to deal with at a certain age.

How you described the film seemed very detailed, and I would not want my daughter learning that at such a fragile age. Maybe with a much less thorough approach, but there are very fine limits which may not be noticed when they are crossed.

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