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Anyone potty training there little ones?

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
EJ is on day 7 of hsi potty training and today has been the best one so far. I have gone staight to normal big boy pants instead of going down the nappy sytle pants as I found from experience with RB and LC that RB took forever to get the hang of staying dry all-day with the nappy sytle pants were LC was dry all-day so much quicker with just using normal pants. I leave him running around first thing in the morning with no nappy and he has to have a nappy on for about an hour after 8:20 as I have to take RB and LC to school which he hates but once we are back at home I take the nappy off again and replace it with a pair of pants and leave his trousers off to make getting to the potty or toilet easier. Well today I was up stairs getting the laundry from the kids room and he came up-stairs and had an accident and he was very up-set about this so I just quickly and with-out fuss cleared him up and changed his pants hand washed the dirty ones and reminded him to use the potty or say wee-wee and I will put him on the toilet. He then had to have a nappy put back on again at 2:50 as it was time to collect the children and we also go on the park after school for an hour and because how tired he was after school I left him in his nappy when we got home as I know it would be bad taking the nappy off with him so tired. I am going to do the same again tomorrow after I have done the few jobs I need to do tomorrow morning and just see how it goes.

So is anyone elses little ones potty training and how are you doing the process. I feel I m doing the wrong process for him as one day he does great like today and then the next he doesn't use the potty at all. I'm not sure he is fully ready to potty train. RB was almost 3 when he started training and LC was very young at only 16 months but she would ripe her nappy with the pulling of it so I had to train her at a young and within 14 days she was dry through the day

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Yeah i'm potty training 2 a boy and a girl 2 year old boy and 2 year old (on the 27th) girl its going ok i think tho they havent done anything yet i'm hoping they will soon as we try every morning for an hour or two and 6 or 7pm every evening before bed Smile let you know how it goes Smile

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Good lcuk. EJ got ill with teething and potty training went right out the window. We are slowly gettin gback to it though. We have 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night nappy free time and dueing th eday he is in nappy pants so if he asks for the potty we can get him on it quickly. Would be even better if he was talking properly we just get grunts and wee. But we will get there in his own time, slow an dsteady is the best approach I think

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Myself and the wife both have two weeks off together at xmas, so that has been set as potty training Dday week.

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Hello Simon and good luck witht he potty training in a few weeks, not long know until christmas I think it is 10 weeks and 4 days or something close to that. I have my LC's 5th birthday in 4 weeks today and she was only 6 weeks and 4 days when it was her first christmas with a couple of days either side, but I do know that she was 6 weeks old as I had no clue on what to get her for her first christmas with her being so young. We've had 3 days with no interest at all in the potty so training is on hold again. He will get there when he is ready and as long as he is dry through the day before September 2010 then I don't really mind how long the potty training journey takes I need him to be 100% incontrol tohave a successful transition from nappy pants to big boy pants

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Skiving work sshhhhhh

We are training Pip at the minute, we started on saturday, we went to buy some big girl knickers for her, she did a wee almost as soon as she put them on and started crying and asking for her nappy back. Nuh huh, not doing that until bedtime. She had two more accidents on Saturday, one yesterday and she hasn't had an accident so far today otherwise Frank would of text me to moan about carpets and wee not mixing very well.

She has been the earliest for us, she has been wanting to use the loo for ages but until recently hasn't been able to tell us when she wants to go, now she can so we are giving a go, and it is going really really well so far.

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
Just checking in to see how everyone is doing with the potty taining mission. EJ still isn't back on track so I have given up for know. Will try him again in the new year unless he re-starts asking. He isn't even hsowing any interest in the potty I think we miss read the signs but at least we had a go even though we failed first-time around

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