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breech birth anyone??

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has ever had a footling breech baby before, i am now 33 and a half weeks pregnant and baby has been in this position for the past 3 months (regular scans as last baby was small) midwife has said may turn but unlikely as not much water and he very tight for space. Any advice on this would be great as the midwife didnt explain things that well or how we would proceed if he still presents this way at my 36 week scan, apart from i may be kept in if he not turned by then as could cause premature labour at anytime now.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I haven't had a premature birth but my EJ was bum down until 37 weeks and he turned to a semi-transverse psoition were he staied due to being stuck. He had his head on my right hip and his feet under my ribs, very uncomfortable in deed. But they things that I did was laid with my bum in the air while reading and watching TV to aid gravity in the turning process. I also imaged him turning while sat on a birthing/gym ball again to aid gravity. Can't remember anything else I did to aid him turning. Hope bubba turns soon for you but I do know that a natural birth is possible

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
thanks for the advice milkymum, i am trying everything you said, problem is he is not bum down he is feet down and they say this position harder to correct especially if cramped. i am keeping my fingers crossed though as have been told that if he not turned by next scan (near 37 weeks) i will be taken in until full term and then c section if still same at presentation scan. they wont try to turn him as we probably differ in blood group (i'm rhesus neg)and too much of risk of bleed.

i will keep you updated.

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