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Ready to go maternity bag

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
I was talking to some expecting mother's this morning at my children's school and one of them mentioned that there mum had bought them a ready to go maternity bag. She said that in the bag for baby there was pampers simply wet-wipes, wrap towel, Johnson's baby bath and shampoo, sponge, cotton wool, a pair of white mitts and a pack of bibs and a soft brush. For mother there was a cooling spray, natural anti-persprent, body wash, shampoo, flannel, towel, anti-bactiral hand gel, 1 packet sanitry towels and samples of breast pads that came in a sandwich style bag that she is only going to use while pregnant. What do you all think of someone getting you started by selling bags that have these things in. Her mum paid £40 but wont tell where she got it from.

I personally like the idea as it means I have some of the basics there ready before I go out and buy extra on top of it all but I don't liek the idea of not knowing what brand the breast-pads are.

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
you can get these bags on ebay and they tell you all the brands of products on there.

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
the lovely ebay why didn't I think of looking on there. I always find bargains for the kids on there especially my daughters care bears

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