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children's beauty salon (parties or mini treats)

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi everyone
I have not posted on here before so am not sure exactly how to do it but i am going to give it a try.

I was just wondering if anyone can give me any advice, i am looking into opening a children's beauty salon for parties or mini treats, and was wondering what would be your views or concerns and do you think it is a good idea?
it will be in the north west area and will be all about kids, not making them up to be older than they are but just to dress up + make up amongst their friends:
princess dress up,
hair straight, curly or up, make up (subtle, sparkly)
nails painted, nail art, etc.
these are a few of the things that would be available and all in a little girls princess environment.

i would be very grateful for any feedback!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I'm in he process of plannin gmy daughters 5th birthday party, I have 8 weeks until the day and I have decided to do it is a princessy party with the boys being knights or princes. I am going ot do my daughters hair and put make-up on her and I am going to ask the parents of the 2 girly friends that are coming if they mind me doing make-up an dhair on their daughters. But my main concern is that the make-up is suitablke for sensitive skin so I have opted to get normal make-up instead of children's make-up and it only buy natural make-up that I use on myself as I have sensitive skin on my face. I'm not sure about hair straighteners but I do know that I am going to wet the children's hair with a leave-in conditioning spray and just tightly plait there hair and leave it to dry naturally with the plaits in and then take the plaits out for a natural curl that seems to happen with plaits.

I love the idea though but don't forget the boys I am going to do there hair by giving them a spiky hair doo if it is short enough and if it is to long for that then I am going to give them what ever style I can get there in into weither it be parted down the middle or combed to the side.

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