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Advice on family car please help?

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
OK so I'm about to start taking driving lessons hubbie has a lessons but we don't have a car yet. So the big questionis what car do oyu all have and would you advice it as a first family car? I would like to a ford mondeo estate but hubbie wants a subaru impreza or peogou 307. My MIL has a ford focus 2008 plate estate and that is lovely has loads of space in the back for the kids and a big enough boot for taking the kids on holiday and she has space left over for putting htings in that we buy on holiday. I am fed-up of having to borrow the MIL's car and it means she has to drive all the way from wales to mine to house sit so me and hubbie can take the kiddies on holiday. I would love to just be able to back the boot and drive off somewhere in school holidays. We never had the funds before to buy our own car but hubbie has aggreed that if I pass my driving test next year then we can buy our first car. But then we might not even have to buy our first car as my MIL, FIL, father, mother and uncles and auties have all said that they will all join together to buy us our first mutural car. The car has got to be suiable for a 5 foot and a 6 foot person to drive and have head-space for hubbie which has alwasy been the problem in the past when we have looked at cars ata that we both like it has even been I can't floor the pedels which is something we have been told to make sure we can do or hubbie has to sit with his head bent down which lead to neck cramp which is a bad thing to happen when driving.

Thank you to everyone that can offer advice on this situation it will be greatly appreciated from us both

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
- My blog
hello there. we have a ford mondeo. one like this

and its massive. we have 3 kids, 2 in car seats and theres plenty of room and leg space and the boot is huge. as you can see im not a car expert lol

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Honestly aswell as size/space look at the expense of running as some cars are soon going to have the amount of Road Tax you have to pay going up to a huge ridiculous amount thanks to the government and of course you want to think of fuel cost/engine size, insurance etc. My latest car is a Turbo Diesel and it's fabulous for miles per gallon!!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
We have a Mondeo Estate, its on a 52 plate and a 2ltr petrol and cost us over £200 in car tax. It costs about £65 to fill the tank from empty so its not very cheap to run, but the space is there, the boot is huge which is needed with 2 dogs and 2 kids!

We've just bought a KA for the hubby to commute in since he recently had to change sites and now has a 40 odd mile round trip from a 1 mile round trip, we were struggling to fill the tank up each week on the big car and the KA costs £35 to fill and lasts twice as long.

Deffo look into how much tax, insurance and petrol etc will cost before deciding. I think there's a website called Parkers that gives all the info on cars.

Best of luck with the lessons Very happy

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi there, we have a Galaxy. Needed room for both the kids in car seats and a BIG dog. Plus extra seats for having to drive family aound when they are down visiting me. The tax isnt cheap but it is good on mpg and has loads of room!! Xx

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Thanks everyone, had a look in my local car dealers today and they had a galazy looked lovely and I feel in love with it but I can't reach the peddles with the seat in the position to see over the dashboard. I hate having tiny legs I wish I was a few inches taller. Having first leasson tonight and I am so scared the instructor rang earlier and told me that she has a focus and that if need be I can put a cushion behind my back to make driving easier. Apparently this is what she does, she also said that the focus only cost between £40-50 to fill depending on were you go to fill up and she can do between 500-600 miles on this. If I like to the feel of the car later I'm going to fid out if hubbie would concider adding that to the list as well.

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