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Eating questions

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi All,

My first post on here, seems like a fun and helpful community and i was hoping for advice.

My Son is 18 months old and lately has been very funny with food. He would always have problems during teething and then never give us a problem with jars or cooked food until the teeth started again.

At the moment he seem to be having two more teeth coming in together taking him to around 16-18 in total. Lately he will eat neither jar or cooked food fully. maybe half a jar of food and half his cooked stuff usually with some mucking about to get to that stage.

i was wondering if this is just apart of teething, terrible 2's starting early or something else, his Mum ate mainly Bananna's from his age till 3 and i'm worried he may go down the same path.

He will eat a range of foods but he seems to pick more than feast, could it be a small appetite and should i just feed him more regular but small amounts?

Thanks for any help.


posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi Ben from my experience withmy 3 children and the children I have cared for in a nirsery and as a child-minder in the past they seem to go through this stage at around this age. What it is, is that they are a lotmore aware fo their suroundings and all they want to do is explore. In soem of the nurseries I have worked in but as a child-minder and with my own 3 children I started to offer them more health finger food snacks through the day. This was always a big hit and it also means that they only have to sit down for short times instead of longer periods dueing meal times. I still gave them their normal meals at meal-times and encouraged them to sit and eat their meals. I would also advice getting rid of the jars as by 18 months they should be eating normal meals like ours but cut up.

Ideas fo rthe health snacks are cucumber and carrot sticks straight from the fridge which will also help with the teething discomfort and you could also offer them a dip with it. I will post some dip recipes over in the other forum where you can post recipe idea's. I have loads of recipes but they are all diary free but they can be easily adapted for dairy instead. Hope this answers your question and helps reasure you that this si a normal developmental stage and nothing else.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I have been trailing cheestrings and have found that they are loved by children as they are fun to eat!...but each cheestring contains a glass of milk approx 200ml!! pour it out into a really is quite amazing! Each cheestring has an amazing fact on it which is great for my eldest as he is constantly asking questions!! some have even taught me a thing or too!
I have found that cheestrings are the ideal snack and lunch box filler which is healthy and good for children!

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