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Still having trouble conceiving :-(

posted 8 years 3 months ago
Hey guys, some of you may remember me. i pop in now and again to catch up. Hope your all doing ok.
My story continues anyway, some of you may remember that we have been trying to conceive no. 2 for almost 2 years now well after suffering a miscarriage last may my periods have basically been none exsitant - 3 in over a year, i now haven't had one since february!! well i went to see my gp and they were far from helpful so i decided to go to a local sexual health centre who have been brilliant, iv had numerous blood tests and the doctor at the health centre said she was going to give me clomid to kick start me ovulating... until the results were back, she asked if i had had any history of polycystic ovaries in the family, she said i also had a low eostrogen level! so in light of this i am now awaiting for a referal appointment at the fertility clinic at the hospital! its really odd thinking that iam going to have to go through this at just 23, its something that i associate with older women, just shows my nievaty! :0) im just thankful that something is now being done, i can't wait any longer. loads of people i know friends any family are pregnant or recently given birth, this makes very envious and i get really quite upset. :0(

Be lovely to hear form you all. :0)

posted 8 years 3 months ago

Nice to see you. Sorry to hear you've had problems conceiving hun Sad Best of luck with the Clomid! x

posted 8 years 3 months ago
Huge hugs and I hope the clomid does the trick for you

posted 8 years 1 month ago
Well another couple of months on and still no BFP:0(
The docs are messing me around too. DH has has a sperm test and he's fine... so its just me thats damaged goods!! The doc gave me some tablets to take to make me have a bleed, then took bloods to see if i had ovulated, which i hadn't. in the mean time i had had another bleed within the space of 3weeks, so they've sent me away 'again' to see if ovulate... grr. The doc said that they would leave us too it again for another couple of months but unlike me i had to say something i wasn't happy, what if i wasn't to ovulate. i would have to start the blood tests all again before they'd send me to the hospital, so im in for more blood tests on wednesday and to see the doc on the 3rd nov for results. fingers crossed ladies, i could have just sat and cried in the doc's. Crying

posted 8 years 1 month ago
awwwh,bbe,iv jus read your ikkle note,and jus so u kno huni,my friend is exactly the same....she had sum form tablets thats stimulate the eggs etc.Just like theyv told u it seems frm wat iv read,i cnt even begin 2 imagine wat yr goin thru,hope everythin wrks out 4 u chic xxxx

posted 8 years 1 month ago
Good luck with the doctors on the 3rd November I really hope they find out why you are not ovulating. Fingers crossed and vibes coming your way that you do ovulate this month and you get your long awaited BFP.

I will be joining you all on the adventure of TTCing in the new year hopefully

posted 8 years 1 month ago
Hi MummyB Sorry to hear what your going through Sad me and my partner was TTC for our first baby for nearly 2 years, but I have PCOS and i very rarely had a period! We was just going down the infertility path and the first step was that I had a Laproscopy and Dye. That was in Sep and in Oct i got my BFP!!Smile Maybe its worth askin the drs about you having that procedure as you sound quite similar to how I was. Ive read on the internet in other forums about quite a few people conceiving quickly after the procedure as it is said to "flush" your tubes out and make your womb all ready and perfect to fertilise that egg!! I hope you get your BFP soon...dont give up, good things come to those who wait! xx

posted 8 years 11 hours ago
- My blog
Hi, just to say dont let them put you off any longer. I was put off for years by drs and the hospital. Ive just had a thrd attempt IVF and now they they think theres a problem!!! 5-6 years ago my female gynaecologist told me the problems were all in my head! So dont let them put you off, please. god luck jea x

posted 7 years 11 months ago
have you ever tried acupuncture?
In the meantime while you wait on the doctors that seem to take forever, this can really help fertility.

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