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The battle begins

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
So now has come the time when I look in my wardrobe-with about 3 outfits to wear. Then I look in the mirror and frown about the tyre of fat around my middle and my wider then usual arse. What has happened? Oh yes I've just had another baby!!!

So I'm being realistic, but at the same time hopeful and setting myself the target of being back at the gym no later than the end of the school holiday.

In the meantime I want to start getting out for walks again and I shall weigh myself some time this week. This shall now be my weigh loss diary, although I must confess I'm not going to diet because I don't believe in them. It's exercise all the way for me....

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Don't be so hard on yourself. Lie you said you have just had a baby and congrates o nthat but I do understand were you are coming from. I want to start my wieght loss journey in about 5 weeks time after I have had my post-natal check, I can't follow any diet for medical reasons so all I can do is eat a balanced healthy diet and exercise. Good luck and I willkeep an eye out for any up-date posts on how you are going and I will be joinin gyou very soon

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