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Samuel is starting to say a few words YAY...

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
Very happy Samuel has been saying the usuall,Mum,daddy,Victa,dog,nanna etc.Today i have taught him to say "love you" its so cute i just melt lol.
Vic and i always point to our eyes then our heart then at each other when i drop him of at school and not suprisingly Samuel is picking it up to Love I love having our own little signs,is it just me thats so corny lol????
Also just quickly Samuel was in my arm's all day yeasterday. When he was crying i thought i could see what appears to be a bit of his back molar coming through Suspect could explain alot!!!!!

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
great!! I cannie wait for that to happen to me like. Must be one of the best feelings in the world hearing them say little words etc Very happy

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
It sure is Very happy But it also means they are growing up Sad Face im having a hard time with my baby being 1 already lol.

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
You should be happy there isn't a sign of NO or MORE yet! Hopefully his teeth wont bother him for much longer.

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
Teeth I get enough of that from my 5yo,although when Samuel doesnt want anymore dinner he shakes his head and pushes my hand away.When he wants more he shreeks "meeeeeeeeeee".lol
My 5 yo told me the other day "yeah well im not your mum" i had to hide and have a chuckle then give him the "thats not a nice thing to say chat".

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