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toddler making himself sick!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
hey ...newbie here!!

i have a boy whos 2 in oct this year, hes been such an excellent hassle free baby until i think what they call the terrible 2's have started!!

has anyone experienced their child sticking their fingers down their throat,to make themselves sick when they dont get their own way/for attention/getting told off? He did this last night and it really scared me because he was actually sick... hes done it a few other times for attention ie when im driving...

any tips? advice? parents in similar position?!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
At two, he must of learnt from someone else how to make himself sick like that, you need to tackle that first to make sure he is not seeing that kind of behavior anymore. Pippa is slowly turning into the devil and finding as many ways as she can to get on our nerves, fake crying, doing something she knows is wrong like pinching the dog. Does he do it randomly, or have you noticed it happens at certain times, such as bed time, when he isn't getting enough attention or when he is angry about a punishment? If that was the case, then I would just say, loads of distraction, but if he is doing it in random cases instead of showing a pattern, then I would probably consider a trip to the doctors to see if they could give any advice on action to take.

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