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Need a rant ....any working mums-to-be out there?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Sorry - I only ever seem to go on this forum when things feel like they are going wrong! I'm just over 32 weeks with my first baby and feeling pretty miserable. I have not taken to pregnancy very well. Everyone keeps saying to me how they loved being pregnant but I am achy all over and feel miserable.
I own my own business and have found it hard to let go to go on maternity leave. With business and personal bills to pay I am going to have to return to work before our little girl is 3 months old. I know ideally it would be longer, but there is just no way we can pay the bills if I don't get back to work. Sad Face
Everyone keeps looking shocked when they realise how soon I have to go back to work, and many have said 'why are you even bothering having a baby?'. I am doubting my own ability to be a mum, and often just sit and cry. I feel like everyone is convinced I have no right to have a baby. They keep saying to me 'when the baby arrives you will change your mind'. No matter how much I say it is for financial reasons only that I have to return to work, they seem to put it down to the idea that I just have no heart. Upset
Would love to hear from other mums who either will be going back to work, or have already. I desperately need some support!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Sorry to hear you're feeling so shitty. Know how you feel though, this pregnancy is a nightmare for me, I ache all over and am desperate for September to arrive so baby will be born.

With my 1st son I worked full time right up till my Mat leave started and I made sure people knew that I was returning to work after 6months. I too got all the comments about ranging from the supposedly jokey ones to the how could you abandon your child to go to work ones. My son was never abandoned, he was with my parents wo dote on him and him on them so he thrieved, probably more so than he would have done with me at home. I also know what you mean about needing the money as it sure wasn't for the love of my job that I went back lol.

Is there anyway you can take baby with you when you return to work, that way you won't have the guilt about leaving it at home or with a chilminder. Also if anyone comments then tell them that if they pay your bills then you will stay at home with baby. They'll soon get the message and leave you alone.

Hope all goes well for you. Sometimes it helps just knowing that there are others in the same situation as yourself.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
oh hen please dont worry. I dont like being pregnant, ave hated every minute of it. Ave even had my family compare me to my cousin - which like you have cried about that and other wee comments being made.

my parent is outta work at the moment and am planning to take 9 month off which am thinking of going back earlier to get money to buy things for our little one.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I am planning to go back to work full time in February - and although I have longer than you at home I do understand your distress as it is not my choice either, we need the money.
My pregnancy was hard too so I understand that it is annoying that the only people you seem to come across are those who seemed to breeze through their pregnancy. I think some people just say it as they want to be seen as a supermum.
Just remember that being a good mum is doing what is best for you and the baby and if that means you have to return to work early to make the money you need then that is that. Sod everyone else and their opinion.
I hope things get better for you and I hope the rest of the pregnancy gets a bit better. Kiss

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