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I Just wanna Scream!!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I spoke to my mum a few weeks ago about the fact when im in labour it was just gonna be hubby and i as last time my mum and him took turns at keeping me company, i feel that with all that happened after losing Sophie i will need a very relaxed and stress free labour/birth and i think my mum would make me very anxious. It seems i cant do or say anything right no matter what i do she takes the huff or looks like she is gonna burst into tears and i am so sick of it, this time is going to be emotional enuf without all the added pressure from our mums. Part of me thinks it would be easier to let her come in but i know i dont want that, she says she is gonna sit out in reception with a book which will make me feel like crap as she will want into see me, why oh why cant they just listen and let us get on with it, i know that Sophie was there granddaughter and it will be hard for them but god she was our daughter and i think it will be harder for us i honestly feel like having a major strop but what good will that do me except get my blood pressure up!!!

Angry Angry

Sorry for my rant saves my hubby listening lol

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
this is my opinion,

i dont see whats wrong in it just being you and your hubby. At the end of the day its your choice. Personally i wouldnt want my mum to be there. I think theres gonna be enough people coming and going (ie midwife's, doctors etc) without someone else poping in and out. I'd rather be totally relaxed and have my partner there (after all it is his child) and no have my mum hanging around.

but hey thats my opinion.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
well from one who had her mum with her when her 1st baby was born, i can see why shed be put out if she wasnt again, i know my mum wqas a little miffed.

But that said my situation was different i needed her as hubby was late for everything!

Anyways, if your birth plan says no mum then she should respect your decision. I kow mine was a bit annoyed but it wasnt the end of her world.

You for for it girl! Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I agree, it's you who is giving birth here, not her, and she really needs to respect your wishes. It's a big enough decision for you to have made. I would explain the importance of being relaxed and it being a scary time for just you and your husband like you did here, and gently suggest that it is in everyone's best interests for a calm birth.
Is there something you could ask her to do instead at the time - like a task that she can do to keep her occupied and still feel involved. She'll be the first person to see the baby afterwards, surely she'll understand that making you feel guilty is not going to help.[/i]

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