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Toilet Training - help!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago

Hi, I am new to this and a bit of a novice at forums!
Embarassed I really feel for my 9 yr old and am hoping that someone here will have experienced this or perhaps have suggestions that my might help. My son is still unable to clean himself up after a "sit-down-one". It is a case of confidence but mainly the effort involved. His bowel movements are 'normal' and daily. But it takes quite a lot of tissues and wipes (thank the Lord for Kandoo's). Obviously he is concerned about getting mucky himself and also about doing it properly. I have tried all of the encouragement I can think of. His underwear is more often than not soiled as well, sometimes so bad he needs a bath aftewards! This is now starting to effect his social life and he has already said he doesn't want to go on a school trip that is 11 months away, as a result. Any suggestions would be greatly received. Thanks. Nic. Unsure

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Oh Nic that is a hard one. Is he on summer holiday's at the moment? If he is you could use this holiday to help him learn how to clean hiself up properly. Also has been checked over by a bowel specialist? Just wondering as I wen tot school with a boy who had problem's with his bowels and it endedup that he had a shortened anul passage which had gone un-noticed for many years. I can't remember what the condition was called but once he had the medicla help he needed it got sorted and he never had problems to the degree he had to start of with with having to deal with soiled underwear.

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